Gameserver Management
With extras. Far beyond.

With Copilot, game server management becomes a breeze - not only that - in the complete package you also manage databases and voice servers without headaches!

We will notify you as soon as we are ready to go.

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Manage your instances. With Ease.

Best in class user experience

To make the management of your instances as intuitive as possible, the interface was developed with you as the user in mind. Our sleek user interface makes server management a breeze.

Powered by Kubernetes

With Kubernetes in the backbone, you can scale, manage, and automate your instances in a snap. With such flexibility, Copilot fits into any environment; large or small.

Safety in the first place

Copilots top priority is the security of your data. Copilot is developed with this philosophy in mind, to protect you, your instances and your infrastructure from failures and other unwanted events.

Let's dive into the darkness.

Copilot adapts to your need: the time of day or your system design. You decide.

Copilot can do more. Everything in one place.


With Copilot you can create, configure and scale game servers according to your needs. With just a few clicks you can change settings, move game servers between host systems or scale them to larger or smaller dimensions.


You can create Teamspeak servers with Copilot in no time at all. If desired, these are already pre-configured with channels, roles and other settings and licensed and thus completely ready for use within a few seconds.


In combination with locally or globally accessible database instances, you round out your experience completely. With just a few clicks you can make databases accessible for specific game servers or nodes and create the basis for optimal ingame experiences.

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Scalable node management as the backbone.

Copilot takes care of the optimal load distribution within your infrastructure landscape. Instances can be flexibly moved, started and stopped. Redundancies between multiple instances and nodes can provide additional resilience.

Easy scaling within your infrastructure landscape
Automatic load balancing between different nodes
Securing instances through redundancies
Flexible start and stop of instances or nodes

Fully integrated instance management from a single source.

With Copilot you can easily add more nodes to your installation. This allows you to enjoy flexible instance distribution and automatically reduces the load on your host systems. In addition, you can easily adapt your hardware requirements to your instance types and quantities and save money.

Copilot Instanz-Preview

Copilot Themes

Besides the two themes already built in, you can create and install additional themes for complete personalization.

Copilot Instances

In the future, you can easily load more instance types from the Extension Marketplace. Copilot becomes a full-featured management tool for a huge range of software.

Built to meet your needs.

To fully customize Copilot to your needs, you will be able to install more instance types and themes via the Copilot Marketplace in the future.

It's definitely worth the wait!

We want to make sure that everything works properly and that you can enjoy the widest possible range of features right from the start. That's why we're still working hard on Copilot at the moment. We'll be happy to let you know as soon as you can get started.